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  1. I get your complaint. I am a fan that went through the steps it took to be able to meet and film my favorite stars. It’s not that difficult for any fan who is serious to try it out. But no not able to bring random fans into the mix. I’ve watched these women more than most pornhub users and when I find one I like I try reaching out and seeing if they will meet me and make this hot fun content! Wouldn’t call that click bait. I meet these women minutes before the cameras roll

  2. Man hating feminists(descendants of Lilith-Adam’s 1st wife) posing as fake pre opt. transgender(transsexual, intersex) women with rubber dicks! Like most of you my interest in pre opt transwomen started when a little slut I fucked tongue rimmed my ass then it progressed to a strapon. Trust me when I say THE REAL ONE IS ALWAYS BETTER!

  3. Nice cum shot on Presley Hart sexy belly, and even a little splash right into her deep navel. Great fuck scene

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